Welcome aboard the USS Oceanus - NCC-79603!

intrepid1.pngThe USS Oceanus (NCC-79603) is an Intrepid-class Long Range Explorer whose primary mission is one of exploration and discovery in the year 2396. Originally slated as the replacement for the aging USS Poseidon (NCC-42635), plans for her hull changed after the Poseidon transitioned into a permanent Academy Training Vessel for Starfleet Academy in mid-2395. The USS Oceanus was christened shortly after and construction was completed in early January of 2396, just after the new year. Under the direct supervision of veteran Commodore Gregory Paladin and commanded by the newly-minted Commander Forest Patton, the USS Oceanus sets out to undergo missions of exploration, discovery, and adventure!

Themes and situations on the USS Oceanus Sim are centered around character growth, development, and experiences as they interact with and take part in missions and side-missions. This allows players to find themselves and their characters in appropriate situations for further character growth and development as they become acclimated with the crew and the sim. Players who enjoy some posting requirements mixed with a very relaxed atmosphere will find the Oceanus Sim enjoyable and welcoming. The USS Oceanus Sim is a Nova-based sim with its own website and hosting.


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Theta Fleet Awards

The USS Oceanus has been in operation since Sunday January 7th, 2024. The current sim year for the USS Oceanus sim is 2396.


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Current Mission of the USS Oceanus:


The USS Oceanus finished construction at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards just at the very tail end of December in 2395. The year is now 2396. With a week just after the turn of the new year, Starfleet has approved the Oceanus to begin onboarding of new crew. Originally intended as the upgrade to the Miranda-class USS Poseidon under the authority of Commodore Gregory Paladin, Starfleet instead decided to commission the Oceanus as her own ship for the mission of pure exploration and discovery. Given to the command of a newly minted Commander, Commander Forest Patton, the USS Oceanus waits in dock for the arrival of her crew.


Theta Fleet does not permit players under the age of 16. The USS Oceanus sim does not allow anyone under the age of 18.

RPG Rating of the USS Oceanus:
-Mild swearing is permitted, with limitations on some moderate language. (The use of vulgar obscenities are limited. Words like fu**, cu**, etc. should be rated.)
-Sexual content is permitted with some limitations. Explicit sex, pornography, or too much detail is not. (Keep it tasteful--more foreplay and emotion, less detail.)
- Violence is permitted, with limitations. (Describe it, do it, but don't go into detail. Don't be explicit.)


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====>>FLEET/TASK FORCE<<====

-The USS Oceanus is a proud member of:
Theta Fleet
The USS Oceanus is a Member of Task Force:
51-C TGCO: Captain Franklin Johnson (Poseidon)


Latest News Items

» Congratulations & General News

Posted on Mon Feb 12th, 2024 @ 4:03pm by Commander Forest Patton in General News

Hey Crew!

First and foremost I'd like to congratulate you, the Oceanus Community, for your awesome job at helping to make the this sims first month in Janurary 2024 as an absolute BANGER with such great potential and creativity! You have single-handedly, practically overnight placed this sim on the radars of so many prestigious individuals and fleets. I have heard nothing but GOOD THINGS about this sim and that is absolutely, one-hundred percent thanks to all your efforts at establishing that reputation! Because of your efforts, the USS Oceanus was awarded the Task Force Commanding Officer Commendation for the ENTIRETY of Area 51 by the Fleet CO!


I am in awe and deeply impressed with all your dedication and hard work, so much so that our own FLEET CO noticed us and gave us a commendation! Your efforts as a community have truly paid off and the theme and template of this sim has absolutely been solidified as one of professionalism and momentum. I truly hope to, as your CO, keep up with your momentum and help your flourish as a community! Thank you all for your wonderful efforts and thank you for letting me be the proudest CO in the entire fleet of Area 51!

Moving on, Lieutenant Commander Nicole Perkins MD, our ships Chief Medical Officer and Second Officer, was recognized by Theta Fleet as one of three players in Area 51 who contributed to such a great quality post in January 2024 as to deserve recognition! Congratulations and excellent work, Nicole, on all your efforts and excellent quality! You deserve it! Thank you for letting me be a part of such an awesome quality episodic event and I appreciate you putting all your effort into it!

Lastly, I'll be awarding the crew for their achievements soon by handing out awards as well as helping the sim move forward. We're finalizing the WAC JP which will grant all participants the WAC Ribbon. We're now also moving on to assist the USS Churchill. Afterward I have planned a joint collaboration with the Poseidon for a future event! Great job everyone and keep up this awesome momentum! I am extremely proud of you all and honored to be your Commanding Officer! Thank you for letting me serve on, run, and help mentor you all as your CO!

Sincerely & With Appreciation,
Commander Forest Patton
Commanding Officer
USS Oceanus

» New Joint Mission & Site/Sim Updates

Posted on Sun Jan 21st, 2024 @ 6:23pm by Commander Forest Patton in Sim Announcement

Hey folks!

First off, we have an upcoming Joint Mission between the USS Oceanus and USS Churchill sims! This Joint Mission will start out with each of our sims doing an individual JP to introduce the flow of the JM then move to a GDOCS to where all crew from both sims can contribute. The goal of this upcoming JM is for the Oceanus to assist with repairs with the Churchill! I am super excited for this and can't wait!

The CO of the USS Oceanus is already on board our sim as Lieutenant JG Jessica Stewart, our Assistant Chief Security Officer. It was they who approached me with the idea and, after extensive hashing out logistics on the JM, we moved forward and agreed on the procedures! Thank you, Jessica!

Moving on to site updates. The biggest one is the recent poll from the community where I asked if we should update our site rating. Overwhelmingly the community voted YES to an upgrade to a more mature simming environment. As of right now, we are now a 18+ 2-2-2 simming community! Thank you, community and all, for your votes! Changes have already been made everywhere our old 1-1-1 was visible and replaced with our new 2-2-2 advisory and rating.

If you'd like to change the course of the sim by voting or make your vote count in changes like the one above, join the Oceanus Discord today!

Further site and sim updates. I have been working extensively to bring over and update our awards. I can finally say I've accomplished this goal. I started on the 16th of January and since then I've edited and made new awards using MSPaint for our sim. I kept the names for most, just redrew the awards as ribbons like the ones you'd find on military uniforms! I also created new awards, such as unique ribbons which include the "Welcome Aboard Celebration Ribbon" and the "Churchill & Oceanus Joint Mission Award" to commemorate special missions and JP's! This will be a repeat function I shall do to make unique our mission events, special JP's, and Joint Missions! Remember that crew can suggest missions as well and depending on the uniqueness of the mission, it may very well get its own ribbon!

Overall I've done some minor updates to the website and discord, but nothing significant to note.

Remember you as crew can bring over as many NPC's as you want. I may start a poll to restrict this and see if the community even wants to place restrictions, but right now it's free game. My only restriction is no unapproved NPC's in department chief slots without my approval.

Lastly, we've gained an Executive Officer! Lieutenant Commander David Forbes, our Chief Science Officer, has agreed to become the XO of the Oceanus moving forward. Thank you David for taking the time to consider my offer and accepting it! I know you'll do fantastic! It's going to be great working with you! Congratulations, my friend, and never be afraid to speak up!

That's it for now!

Commander Forest Patton
Commanding Officer
USS Oceanus

» New Mission Post & Site/Ship Updates

Posted on Tue Jan 16th, 2024 @ 9:00pm by Commander Forest Patton in Sim Announcement

Hello Crew!

First things first. As the last Sim Announcement stated, we have enacted a new policy by Community Vote that restricts wait time for replies to under or at 72 Hours (3 Days). Please remember this rule will begin enforcement on January 21st of this month. Three days after the 21st, on the 24th, hard enforcement of this rule will be enacted and all parties who have either refused to update JP's or have been incapable of replying will be notified. Players who do not have a legitimate LOA excuse will be punished by either demotion of rank and/or position. An additional three days will follow where if punished players have not replied, they will be terminated from the sim or moved to non-critical roles. This rule is in place to ensure fairness and fun for all crew!

Moving on, Theta Fleet and Sim Central recently tackled a reoccurring error with Nova sims (the same version this sim is on) where players were reporting issues replying to unique, specific JP's. The USS Poseidon and USS Imperator were victims of this error, along with a third sim. Thanks to efforts of all parties, Anodyne has been notified with error logs of the events. At this time it's not known if a fix is oncoming, but the current fix is to copy and paste all data from the glitched JP into a new one. Additionally, Willvoy from Theta Fleet has stated that players must ensure they use the HTTPS:// at the beginning of accessing a webpage for a secure link.

For example: https://ussoceanus.webs.nf/ (notice the lowercase S used at the end of HTTP, signaling a secure link)

It is unknown at this time if this was the cause, however preliminary assessment from Anodyne reveals that there is also an issue related to this glitch involving ghost emails. How or why this happens is unknown, so make sure you verify your email inputted into Nova is legitimate and not falsified and you are receiving sim email notifications. Please notify me immediately if you are not receiving emails.

Moving on, we have started our first official mission JP!


I have started our very first mission post, the Welcome Aboard Celebration! Commodore Paladin has come to visit from his duties onboard the USS Poseidon! For this visit, the Commander and Commodore planned to have a celebration. There will be fun, trivia, games, and possibly other events. Deck 10 is reserved for this as the celebration will take place primarily on Refuge 2 but also extend to Refuge 3 on Deck 10. Come on down and join the celebration! Post your arrivals as soon as possible!

Lastly, I am still updating the Nova. I have updated the tour page and added a few things to specifications and deck layout pages:

Tour: https://ussoceanus.webs.nf/index.php/sim/tour
Specs: https://ussoceanus.webs.nf/index.php/sim/specs
Deck: https://ussoceanus.webs.nf/index.php/sim/decks

For specifications, I altered the loadout for our shuttles and fighters slightly. I evened out the loadout for Type 7, Type 9, and Type 11 shuttlecraft to all be three. I replaced the Federation Fighters with six AC-307 Mk II Valkyrie's and six AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie's, as per an ongoing post with Major Carsyn Kolchak who is Wing Commander of the Starfighter Wing.

For the tour, I added info on Group Cmndr/Wing XO/Marine Cmndr./Marine XO Offices with images and added info on Fighter & Shuttle Pilot Bunkrooms with images. I added fighter bunkrooms to Deck 11. I have been working extensively on the tour form to find appropriate images so I encourage you to check up on changes!

Additionally for the tour, I updated and added tour with four additional pages, which include extensive details and images for the Type 7 Shuttlecraft, Type 9 Shuttlecraft, Type 11 Shuttlecraft, and the Aeroshuttle Aerowing-class Captain's Yacht attached to the underside of the saucer of the Oceanus. I added mission profiles and configurations for most of the shuttlecraft and Yacht to compliment our Starfighter Wing, Science Division, Medical Division, and our Marines. I encourage you to check them out!

Finally, for the deck page I added in the -Fighter & Shuttle Pilot Bunkrooms to Deck 11 to compliment where the Wing & Group Commander Offices already are. I've also both added in a few changes as well as moved around some things, so I encourage you to do a full checkup on deck listing!

Thank you everyone for your hard work! I appreciate how active my sim is and I greatly appreciate the continued support from our Co-Owner, Willvoy, who dutifully does their best in all they do! Thank you for your hard work and thank you to everyone else for yours as well!

Commander Forest Patton
Commanding Officer
USS Oceanus

P.S. I encourage all crew to add in a few NPC's! Any NPC's commanding Divisions (Chiefs) will need to be approved, which goes for Assistants. Knowledge that these NPC's will be displaced by players wanting those roles must be accepted, unless I determine such roles better fit the NPC. Any NPC situated in a non-Chief role should be safe to grow and prosper!

» New Policy Enacted by Community Vote

Posted on Mon Jan 15th, 2024 @ 10:49pm by Commander Forest Patton in Sim Announcement

Hey folks!

In the discord channel "crew polls", I asked our small community what they believed was an acceptable time for JP responses. Here's what options I offered:

1. 48 to 72 (2 to 3 days) hours to reply
2. 24 to 48 (1 to 2 days) hours to reply
3. One week to reply
4. Other (please state your opinion)

The community chose by majority Option 1. This will now become rule for the sim and I will implement it accordingly. The rule will go into force on January 21st, a full week from now, to permit the community and those who votes against it time to acclimate to the decision. I appreciate all your feedback!

Want to participate in future votes that decide community and sim policy? Join the discord today! When polls become available - or you suggest them - the community will vote and your voice will be heard. At this time, there is no voting by website, only Discord.

Moving on, the Oceanus already has a next mission lined up. For now we're undergoing onboarding and, after some time, our shakedown cruise.

Commander Forest Patton
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon

» Test Message

Posted on Mon Jan 15th, 2024 @ 6:36pm by Commander Forest Patton in Website Update

Hey folks!

Just testing out the websites relay system for emails. You can ignore this. Please inform the Commander if you received an alert for this in your emails.

Latest Mission Posts

» Meeting the Chief Flight Control Officer

Mission: New Beginnings
Posted on Mon Feb 19th, 2024 @ 12:43am by Lieutenant Commander Neteri "Ikran" Shannon & Commander Forest Patton


News had arrived that the Commanders selection for helms chief had arrived. He quickly tapped his combadge after he gave the new Chief Flight Control Officer some time to acquaint themselves.

=/\= Commander Patton to Lieutenant Commander Shannon, please make your way to my Ready Room at your earliest…

» Welcoming the new Chief Counselor

Mission: New Beginnings
Posted on Sun Feb 4th, 2024 @ 4:26pm by Lieutenant Callie Knight & Commander Forest Patton


It was an early start to the fourth day of operations for the Oceanus. The Captain had, two days prior, selected a Chief Counselor for the vessel and he'd been told she'd arrive today. He monitored her arrival, waited for her to be settled in, then tapped his combadge…

» Choosing an XO - The Chief Science Officer Route

Mission: New Beginnings
Posted on Sat Jan 27th, 2024 @ 4:49pm by Commander Forest Patton & Lieutenant Commander David Forbes


Very rarely in Starfleet did a Chief Science Officer become chosen as a ships Executive Officer. It was made famous by Commander Spock on the original Constitution-class USS Enterprise, however repeats of the same method and performance were few and far between. Typically the Command Division supplied true-blue XO's…

» Welcome Aboard - Meeting the Chief Medical Officer

Mission: New Beginnings
Posted on Thu Jan 25th, 2024 @ 2:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Nicole Perkins MD & Commander Forest Patton


Nicole walked out of the turbolift onto the bridge of the Oceanus. She had just been bought aboard by shuttle, along with a few other new crew members, She looked around the bridge, taking in the brand new setup. The hand railings were still shining, having been fitted only…

» Meeting the Chief of Security

Mission: New Beginnings
Posted on Sun Jan 21st, 2024 @ 8:09pm by Lieutenant Commander Tazuko Miyahara & Commander Forest Patton


Following his introductions with his Chief Engineer, Commander Patton left Deck 11 and Main Engineering feeling rather positive that someone with such dedication had been involved early on in the Oceanus and her preparations. He'd been told that another officer had just arrived, his Chief of Security, by a…

Latest Personal Logs


Posted on Thu Jan 11th, 2024 @ 3:19am by Major Carsyn Kolchak

» Major Carson Kolchak’s Personal Log

Posted on Thu Jan 11th, 2024 @ 2:58am by Major Carsyn Kolchak

The following is a personal log from Major Carson Kolchak

Computer, begin recording

I have just recently arrived on the USS Oceanus and had the ship’s quartermaster send my baggage to my quarters. I immediately made a bee line to the fighter bay. I wanted to verify and go over…

» Captain's Log #1

Posted on Mon Jan 8th, 2024 @ 11:46pm by Commander Forest Patton

Computer, begin recording.

Stardate 73019.80.

It's 0600 hours and I've just boarded by shuttlecraft on Mars to head to my new assignment, the USS Oceanus. She's a newly constructed Intrepid-class starship who apparently has been in the wings of construction for over a year now. I hear there was some…